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    Refs worse than I thought

    Has anyone ever done a follow up to see what happens to the refs after they call a bad game? I've never heard anything about the punishment they may or may not receive. I wonder if they have to answer to NCAA or if anyone points out calls that they blew. I'm guessing nothing happens due to the...
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    Oliver Martin update

    Wasn't that nice of West High for making it all happen.
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    Jonathan Parker Transferring

    I'd love to see it happen but its not gonna happen. He's gonna break a lot of Hawkeye hearts. It's going to cause an epic meltdown.
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    Oliver Martin update

    I don't think this is going to end good.
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    Gavin Holmes Talks to HN About Decision to Decommit from Iowa

    Just more ammo for other colleges to use. Seems to be a lot this year.
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    Beau Corrales decommits

    Holmes will be the next one to go then.
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    Spring Game ?

    April 23 12:30pm. Last year you could park about anywhere and tailgate.
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    I Feel Like This.

    Time of death 3:50 pm
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    RB Eno Benjamin

    He has his private trainer in his ear and his current high school running backs coach is a Michigan fan too that doesn't look to good for the Hawks.
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    Next Iowa Coach

    Fran will be here as long as he wants to be here. Unless there is some sort of scandal he's here for the long haul. I hope he can recruit some tough minded kids that can bang in the B1G.
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    MSU @ Purdue

    I think it's a good match up for Purdue. Also tough to win on the road. I'll take Purdue.
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    What happened to the Illinois fans?

    Not sure if it was the same year or not but I was at a game where the entire student section wore Iowa shirts and at opposite side of our student section. Just before tip off they took off there Iowa shirts and it was all orange. I think Illinois brought more students to Iowa city than we had in...
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    Alaric Jackson on Iowa Official, What's Next, When He'll Announce

    Gotta say I like our chances. We'll find out tomorrow.
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    Noah Fant

    That was Minny savior too, what do they do now?
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    Monday Morning Stuff - RPI, Lunardi, etc.

    I'd love to have Lunardi's job. So much season left and so many ups and downs. Yet ESPN pays him to take a guess.