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I'm with you 100%, Gradyl

I simply cannot understand Anyone not getting vaccinated

And going around unmasked perhaps spreading the virus everywhere they go

Only satisfaction one can get from the situation is that there will be less maga folk
around to vote

I try to stay away from incendiary topics on HN

It is impossible to change someone's mind on the topic
Hey - I may be interested in all four of your Purdue tickets...if the price is right. How much are you looking for?
Not on the Purdue game yet. My buddy who has two of the tickets is still traveling but I will ask him if he plans to be in town and going to that game. He is giving his Penn St tickets to his son and two others including my ticket.

I will contact him very soon to get an idea.
Never mind. I can't keep checking back on this with no update. If I still go, I will find tickets elsewhere.
Sorry for not getting back to you, I have been traveling and visiting family. Enjoy the game