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    Imagine This Scenario

    Sounds like you should put the crack pipe down!
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    Losing Snyder HUGE Blow: Who Is At Fault

    Good luck Brandon at SDSU. Lack of foot speed made him a "tweener" B10/ Mac player from the get-go so he should settle right in and be able to contribute at SDSU. Was only going to see the Iowa field as a special teams player this year. Others on depth chart passed him by.
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    Iowa St. has new uniforms, again!

    Really........who cares! #justsayin
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    Fiedorowicz, gone too soon

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    Jim Mora Fired from UCLA

    LA is a very difficult media market. Go look at Mora pressers on Youtube....there is pulling punches with softball questions. Mora handles most situations well but is pretty brisley as it is survival mode with the LA reporters.
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    An admission of coaching failure

    Let's not forget KF favorite speak, "we need to clean some things up"...yea, like coordinators & postion coaches for starters. The quality of product on the filed in embarassing.
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    Hey, 8-4 is a good consol...

    I agree with most of that. Into the weeds we go, it was the day the music died as former Iowa walk on/ position coach Bret Bielema ran circles around KF & staff that day and it was DAMN embarrassing. There were easily 100 fans in my section yelling fake punt and we watched Billema and his...
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    official "these refs suck" thread

    I thought the non-conference games the visiting team was responsible for hiring the officiating crews as they are not B10 crews? That's my recollection. I could be incorrect.
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    Desmond King

    Yep, will use King as a slot receiver right after KF starts running the spread offense.....when hell freezes over!
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    Desmond King

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    Harbaugh Not Happy with Media Questions

    Who really cares......I have no F@#ks to give for Coach Harbaugh;)
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    Wednesday Presser Predictions

    ......and the he put the crack pipe down :-)
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    Would things be different if Gordon had come here?

    Asked and answered sir!
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    Next week defense

    Gordon puts 250 yds up against us and a runs all over us all damn day.
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    Would things be different if Gordon had come here?

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Xmas. Guess it really doesn't matter.