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    Depth chart released

    Warner took great advantage of his chance.
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    Looking at Hawkeye History in AP Top 10 Games

    I believe Wilburn Hollis is still alive.
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    Xavier Nwankpa Reflects on Recent Iowa Visit

    It is funny when some "know it all" is made to look like a fool.
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    Racism unique to only Iowa within the college ranks?

    Some interesting information on the discrimination of blacks. Tell me some facts about why blacks murder blacks in large numbers.
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    Nothing will change

    5 years from now or less everything will basically be the same...there still will be racists, people giving lip service about everything that is discussed now.. people are not going to change. They are what they are. I am very glad that I moved to South America 3 years ago.
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    Me Too Movement

    I have officially joined the movement. This is my last post here. Don't try to change my mind. I have enjoyed learning from all of you keyboard warriors. Where else could I post drivel and nonsense to my legion of followers? I will be moving to Colombia in the morning. To prove my racial...
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    Post season streaming TV assessment

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    Post season streaming TV assessment

    I got cut off of the internet..I have used firstrow,wiziwig, etc and just about all of them. They are hit or miss, mostly miss. I wish I could find a service here for a reasonable price. At least I can listen to the games with Tunein radio.
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    Post season streaming TV assessment

    I live in South America and just about all of these options are not available. For several years I have been watching with firstrowsports, wiziwig, etc.
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    Bring Back Old Kirk

    Penultimate means second to last.
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    Kendrick Green in for OV this weekend

    I believe I read that Johnston is the all-time leader in tackles in Alabama
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    First time since 1960!

    1960 team lost to the hated led by QB Sandy Stephens Gophers 27-10 at Minneapolis . Iowa was number 1 and Minnesota number 3. Beating 6 ranked teams and shutting out unranked Notre Dame 28-0 for good measure.
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    A Little Help, Please

    Also I have lived in S.America for many years and have been able to watch almost all the games. As a backup you can listen to the game at
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    A Little Help, Please
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    This Mokan Elite AAU team

    This thread is a good example of what is wrong with American society. Good lord. Don't you people have anything better to do?