1. SmokeTownHawk

    Mike Leach

    Word is he was airlifted to University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, via ambulance Sunday after a "personal health issue," From the reports I've been reading it's cardiac related...
  2. andrewdowns

    20 Best Plays in Iowa History

  3. P


    Is there any reason that anyone can share as to why a scheduling formula can't be set up for the B1G, a la the NFL? Let's say the conference opts to go the way of one huge division. Let's say that they choose an 8-game conference schedule. Why can't you have a schedule of dates with matchups...
  4. Z

    Josey Jewell named Walter Camp Player of the Week- Video

  5. D

    Swarm 17

    After Beau's commitment, how many scholarships do we have left in the 2017 class. Also who would you like to see us pursue and get?
  6. beasthawk

    A Hawkeye Football Picture Quiz.

    For many of us who have watched years and years of football sometimes it's hard to remember back to certain players. Let's see how well you have been paying attention over the years. Can you identify the former Hawkeye football player from just a picture? Take the quiz now.
  7. H

    2 VIP Tickets to Big Ten Championship for Sale

    I got these through TeamTix, these are the best there are. They can only be picked up a Will Call. VIP 50 yard line Club & Hospitality Package Section 140, Row 9, VIP CLUB Seats 13 and 14 (right at mid field, 9 rows from the field) About the VIP Hospitality Package: § Field Level 50-yard...
  8. HNMitchSmith

    Favorite moments from Iowa Senior Class

    On Saturday, 21 Iowa seniors will play their final game in Kinnick Stadium. With that in mind, I recapped the accomplishments and memorable moments for each Hawkeye senior -- article can be found here: What are your favorite individual...
  9. DYK88

    Need another for Fantasy football league

    Competitive, fun league looking to add one for sure and possible three...$50 buy-in and live auction draft (online). Mostly hawks fans already so could use another one. Hit me up and shoot me a PM for more details. thanks
  10. S

    EARLY 2015 Predictions for Hawkeyes

    Well, at this point I'm already expecting a very disappointing season. Trying my absolute hardest to not get my hopes up. In all reality, this is what my predictions for the 2015 Hawkeye football season look like..... Illinois State - W ( by 3 or in OT) at Iowa State - L...
  11. M

    Run on the field with Tim Dwight!

    Hawk fans, runners, walkers, Kickoff to Kinnick 5k is the first ever run/walk to finish ON THE FIELD of historic Kinnick Stadium. Join Tim Dwight for this event and benefit an amazing cause, then stay for the post race tailgate as we watch the Hawks @ Pitt! Sign sign up at
  12. T

    Iowa football 2014

    Give the 2014 schedule a quick glance... Week 1: UNI @ home Week 2: Ball State @ home Week 3: ISU @ home Week 4: @ Pittsburg Week 5: @ Purdue Week 6: open week Week 7: Indiana @ home Week 8: @ Maryland Week 9: open date Week 10: Northwestern @ home Week 11: @ Minnesota Week 12: @ Illinois Week...
  13. Hawknick

    Scientific list of the 25 Hawkeye Football teams.

    I have used a formula of winning % plus or minus strength of schedule rating. I used this to generate a top 25 rating based on those stats. The source for the strength of schedule rating and win% is Iowa Hawkeyes Index | College Football at Note: Strength of schedule rating...
  14. Hawknick

    1957 Rose Bowl!
  15. Hawkeye27

    Talked briefly with Reese Morgan today

    I ran into Reese Morgan today at work and we chatted briefly about the team. He said that he didn't really get to see Garmon really workout yet, and said the team was probably going to fly by under the radar this year. He said we need some players to definitely step up because everyone was so...
  16. H

    Alex Kozan??

    So Alex Kozan committed to Iowa, but hasn't signed with us yet. I havnt heard anything since signing day and from what i have learned, he was supposed to have his decision this weekend. Still no decision. He would bring immediate depth to our OL!! Anybody know anything?
  17. iahawks912

    Jordan Cotton

    I don't know if he has been a disappointment or he just hasn't had a chance, but I was wondering what everyone thought on him getting some pt at wr or running back kicks? I know from firsthand experiences that he has great speed and is very elusive but just wondering if any one else thought he...
  18. UIClassof13

    Questions from a new Hawkeye

    Hey, I will be enrolling at U of I in January for undergrad. Having just started paying close attention to Hawkeye sports last month when I decided to go to U of I, I was just wondering how long the strong opposition to Kirk Ferentz has been present among this fan base. Having grown up in Big...
  19. T

    Hawkeye Addict Football - New Update - Need Help

    Added some major items to the Hawkeye Addict football app and I need your help. I'd like to get your feedback on what's currently there and would also like your feedback on items you'd like. The one big item I plan to add is Public Tailgating locations and prices. Can you guys/gals provide...
  20. H

    CyHawkThoughts: Week 2

    Steve & Chuck assess week 1 and give their predictions for week 2. Part 1 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 1) » Caffeinated Thoughts Part 2 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 2) » Caffeinated Thoughts