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    Is There A Tougher City To Play In Overall???

    Baylor doesn't have wrestling, so you have include volleyball to have their top 4 sports. For the 19-20 school year, Baylor is 47-1 in Waco in football, volleyball, mens' and womens' basketball in Waco.
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    Derrick Mitchell

    Wow. After Damon Bullock passed not that far back. Hopefully Mitchell can pull through, but it's been a rough few months for that group of RBs. Prayers to their teammates as they deal with something like this again.
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    Isaiah Pryor - OSU Transfer

    Rob, If I remember correctly, Isaiah's older brother was a non-rostered walk-on for the Hawkeyes for a couple of seasons earlier this decade. Is that correct? Any reason to believe that experience for the family could give the Hawks a leg up in this?
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    Ryan Boyle

    Anyone know which knee Boyle injured? I wonder if it's the same knee he hurt in HS. IIRC, he tore up one of his knees when he was in 10th or 11th grade, and without him, Dowling lost in the playoffs that year. I believe they haven't lost a playoff game since, winning 6 or so straight 4A state...
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    Gustafson Waived

    Not an uncommon roster move in the NFL, WNBA, and NBA (to a lesser extent these days due to rise of G League affiliates). In all three sports, the sum of previously rostered players, free agent signings, and draft picks is always greater than the allowed numbers on the roster on opening day...
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    Build your best O from KF Era

    Question for the majority of you who are including Yanda-- Am I misremembering how good he was as a college player? I'm thinking he's probably no better than 8th/9th/10th best OL of the Ferentz era, seemed to be "deserving" of being a 3rd round pick, and has had a far better pro career than we...
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    Build your best O from KF Era

    Based only on what they did at Iowa, weighing a combination of their overall career and their peak, here are the 11 players who would "start". I think this overall offense gives Iowa the best chance to score points against a variety of defenses from across the KF era. QB--Drew Tate LT--Robert...
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    STORY: Hockenson Exit & What's Left at TE

    It looks like no, that has never happened.
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    Gavin Williams Commits to Iowa

    I think it's fair to put him behind Wegher. If we stick with 25 years (roughly1996-2020 cycles) there are legitimately only Wegher, Jason Scales, and Williams that have been high 3-star or low 4-star in-state RB recruits.
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    Gavin Williams Commits to Iowa

    This is big. Arguably the best running back recruit from the state of Iowa in the last 25 years will stay in state and be a Hawkeye.
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    San Diego vs San Francisco

    I love how the Chargers are in the middle of their second season in LA and everyone, including--apparently--Chargers fans, still forgets that they aren't from San Diego anymore.
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    Deep breaths. Still 10 minutes to play.
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    RuhRoh Raggy.
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    Week 1: Syracuse Week 2: Washington State Week 3: Oregon Week 4: Virginia Tech
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    The WAC and Mountain West opponents are weak, and the Pac 12 will cannibalize itself with the nine game conference schedule. Might as well pick the low hanging fruit before it falls off the tree.