Are you personally worried about getting the Coronavirus?

Are you personally worried about catching the Coronavirus?

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I dont think I said you couldnt or didnt understand compounding interest.

Looking that todays global covid numbers it appears the death rate is about 5%. But I would say since testing is so woeful in the US, UK and other areas that the total number of cases is much more which would drastically decrease the death rate. China may have many more infected without hardly any more deaths to also skew the death rate higher.

So I am hopeful the death rate is much lower and with smaller peaks in cases the death rate and total numbers in the US is much smaller than predicted.

But if everyone kept mingling in the US it would be easy to see 60 million citizens, which is only one in 5.5 people, getting the virus and therefore at even a 1% death rate that would be 600,000 people which would be a national disaster. This is why the experts are trying to shut this down by stay in place etc so that there is healthcare for those who need it.

Those reports from Italy of people finding people dead at home are really bad and show they were swamped caring for so many sick.
When they post new numbers everyday they are reporting accumalated cases from the beginning of the outbreak. Is that correct?

By now some of those early cases should be recovering, and that curve should be rising exponentially right behind the well publicized positive curve. And it should be eating away at active current positive cases at an ever increasing rate. I wish those numbers would get more exposure.

Not calling you out on this, but those who think the media are giving both sides of the numbers an equal shake are living with their heads buried in the sand. I'm going to sign off on this thread pretty soon as I've said about all I can without getting too political, and I don't want to go that way. I strongly belie e in making my point and moving on, not getting in endless pissing matches an thats what I've been doing on this thread for two weeks.

I will sign off for now with one final thought. We will not hit the doomsday numbers many are predicting unless there is consensus among the experts to move the peak back to June or July. We just won't.

Take care out there and stay safe:)
There are exceptions for this one thread. It's only the biggest story of all our lifetimes.

I will keep my bias to myself when others stop relying on these stupid graphs and charts that project nothing but sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Not disputing you but I would say the biggest story of my time and maybe the ages is getting to and walking on the moon considering the total harshness of outer space, the problem of escaping gravity, navigation etc and it was done by humans.

Viruses have been around for a very long time and we just get in their way and are another possible host.
Oh we could see it.

But it would take days of it to get to the 50,000 deaths I predicted about ten days ago, and months of it to get to the one million deaths others are predicting.

We can argue the death toll. What you cant argue is that what is happening in hotspots is normal flu death rates and occurance. I'm not Prit fan, but IL with a mega city has yet to see the overwhelming numbers of deaths. The area around IC likely has some explaining to do. I get the story, but those stories are everywhere.
Wow, the "National File" is quite the news source and I doing a search on that news outlet it says their editor in chief was a frequent guest with Alex Jones, nice, very nice. Do you subscribe to Breitbart also.

The National File was founded last year my search showed so they have a whooping history of really great reporting.
Now here is a conflict of interest, Secretary Azar is a former pharma big shot at Lilly Pharma. Azar just told Congress not all americans might be able to afford a vaccine. WTF!!!!! This is a public health emergency so the vaccine should be FREE or at least LOW COST for EVERYONE. My wife and I stood in line at the UI Union to get our FREE Swine Flu shot around 1976. Why is this pandemic becoming a money making orgy for this Administration???? The article says Lilly raised their prices under Azar's guidance while he made millions.

You would have to inoculate everyone or close to it to stamp this out and give herd immunity so an outbreak doesnt return.


Sharon Lerner

February 29 2020, 7:07 a.m.

ALEX AZAR, the secretary of health and human services, admitted Wednesday that a vaccine for a new coronavirus might not be affordable for all Americans. “We can’t control that price,” Azar told Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., during a congressional hearing about the novel strain, which has been spreading throughout the world and is widely expected to become a serious public health issue in the United States.

After a wave of criticism from Democrats, Azar walked the comment back the next day, saying that he would ensure public access to a vaccine for Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, if one should be developed. But Azar, who served as the top lobbyist for Eli Lilly before becoming president of the drug company’s U.S. operations in 2012 and the secretary of health and human Services in 2018, knows of what he unthinkingly speaks. Exorbitant drug pricing often leaves life-saving treatment out of reach for the poorest Americans. And to the extent that Azar and the other businessmen who make up the majority of the president’s coronavirus task force have any experience with pharmaceuticals, one of the most profitable sectors of the economy, it’s been making money off the system that keeps them out of reach.
Don Henley was right. The evening news is loving this shit and they are pouring gas on the fear fire. They report the deaths, "another positive case reported today" , but say nothing about the number of negative cases. They find a clip of an ambulance and tag it to this virus as if they are picking up sick patients off street corners. Pretty soon Gov. Cuomo will report a shortage of ambulances and we dont have enough stretchers. Gimme gimme gimme. I am not poo pooing this thing but I also think the hysteria is a bit much. The truth is somewhere in the middle. The worst part is this reaction is ruining peoples lives much more than virus ever will. These clips of nurses singing Amazing Grace as if the end is near is more hype. STAY HOME!!! HIDE UNDER YOUR BED! Sheep do exactly what the talking heads tell them to do.
Fun fact. A singular natural occurrence, the Mount Saint Helen's volcanic eruption, belched more toxic crap into our atmosphere than a decade worth of human industrialization.

Mother Earth kept right on moving and grooving.

But within years the area was already repairing itself, even as reminders of the disaster resonated. I was there in 1999 and it was sobering and inspiring at the same time.

As for the media and the Don Henley "Dirty Laundry" reference, people need to remember that USA does NOT stand for United Sheep of America.

Never has, never will, despite the efforts of the David Muir's of the world.
To be clear, my politics lean right. But I think both sides of the aisle were right and wrong about this, both sides of the media spectrum as well. There’s plenty of blame to go around.
Is his general health good or does he have some of the chronic co-morbid conditions? Age? Hope he makes it through.
I'm not really sure. I don't have regular contact with him as I've moved away from that area. I see him at class reunions every 5-10 years. I know he's put a few pounds on but so have a lot of us. 61 years old and sometimes the virus attacks certain people pretty hard.
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