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    Area 51 Storming

    anyone who actually does this deserves to get Darwin'd
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    Alternate jerseys for Penn State

    if we win I'll tolerate the fact that Iowa wore them. If they lose they belong in the incinerator
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    Deuce Hogan Tweet

    get this guy on the field, he's overcome his entire generation of snowflakes who throw a fit every time they see something they don't like
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    Time for a New Arena?

    CHA sucks as a home court. It would be better if the students were right on the floor but that wouldn't change the volume level. People have given up caring about basketball, this is the issue.
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    The Dr. Tom curse, IS IT REAL?

    to be safe we'd better toss a bunch in a bunch of incels
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    Lebron / MJ

    what's their record in the finals.........yup, that's what I thought
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    Thanks to Gary Barta....

    time to clean house. Time for a coed to #MeToo Ballsless Barta, use this PC culture shit to our advantage for once
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    same issue here. Makes this site unusable
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    Does Iowa Need To Play More Physical On Defense?

    Does Iowa Need To Play More Physical On Defense? does a bear shit in the woods?
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    Schwartz: 10 Sentences From The Rutgers Loss

    how does this no talent bigoted misandrist still have a job?
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    Kirk's Legacy

    ferentz will always be behind fry in most peoples minds
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    Hawks at the combine

    I can attest to how little bench press matters when it comes to blocking. I was one of the strongest kids on my HS team and didn't play much because I really couldn't block for shit
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    Schwartz: McCaffery and Unprofessional Behavior

    wanna hear a joke? schwartz's writing ability
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    Harreld sides with Barta

    first major thing harreld did was not fire barta after losing the lesbian lawsuit, how he's doubling down with gary on this. get rid of them both