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    Iowa vs Nebraska Prediction Thread

    If giving up 41 to Illinois is "improved" then hurray for them. And considering how pathetic the black shirt jokes have been, maybe that is an improvement.:eek: Hawks will feast on the mullet men. Iowa 45-13
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    Iowa Message Boards

    Couldn't agree more. I've got nearly 20,000 posts on this website and at one time i was a top 5 all time poster. I loved coming here because it was my escape from politics. But since Jon sold out to this new guy, the politics have overwhelmed the site. I do appreciate his effort to consolidate...
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    If You Really Want to Know What's Going on With IA Football

    No, you did not call Kluver a POS. I was referring to someone else. I'm done dancing around it. Howe is the one calling people POS. Unfortunately, he is ruining this site with his SJW mentality. I didn't vote for Trump, but I don't hate people who did. God I long for the days when Miller ran...
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    2020 Edition of Iowa Football

    Iowa will be very good. Except there won't be football this fall. IMHO
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    If You Really Want to Know What's Going on With IA Football

    I've spoken with Kluver in person. I can't speak to Kulick. But you are wrong about Kluver. He is very intelligent and well spoken. It doesn't really get us anywhere when you call people meatheads, or POS as others have done on this website.
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    If You Really Want to Know What's Going on With IA Football

    I don't know about you. But I once visited this site multiple times a day. I now cringe when I even think about clicking the link. My once beloved has been dragged down into the political muck. If you want to know what happened specifically with Iowa football and what is...
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    An Idea for the Board

    and here comes the "Dirty 30" ;)
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    If attendance limited which 2 games would you most want to attend?

    None. I'm not attending a public covid petri dish.
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    Wiznitzer goes to Louisville

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    Mike Gundy sued

    Losing your shit over a t-shirt. This country is heading down the drain. :eek:
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    I think Garza will return next year

    Just imagine....Garza skips the NBA and comes back. College bb season cancelled. Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Washed up Walkons this week

    Washed Up Walton's does sound quite interesting, but for Hawkeye football insider info I'd suggest Washed Up Walkons.;) Seriously, though, hearing the story from insiders instead of journalists looking for clicks is quite informative. I think Kevin Ward said it best. "DJK can eat a bag of...
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    Meaningful new tradition.

    You need to calm down. Forums are a place for discussion. Not your Doyle style bullying.
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    There will be no football. Goodbye.