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    Signing Off HN

    I crossed paths with Earl Campbell 20 years ago when I was living in Austin. I was doing some work in the building where his office was. He came out using two canes, he could barely walk. Super nice guy. it was sad though. That game really tears you up.
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    If You Could Only Have 1 Hawkeye Sport in '20-21

    And Alfraud was at the helm... This team has a hell of a lot more character. Like or loath Fran, the culture is not that same.
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    Economic Impact of COVID19

    I am just finishing about 120 hours of work over the last 10 consecutive days to turn my companies workforce into work from home. Built, configured and deployed 500 laptops in that time. it was not fun and I'm gonna go sleep for a week.
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    Too bad, a well played first half turns ragged

    What exactly are you talking about? it's not a blue chip team but the talent level is decent, the bench is just very short...
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    For as much crap as fran takes over his sideline demeanor

    I do agree that sometimes Fran goes a bit overboard and I agree that he has chilled some this season. On the flip side of it, I love that many of the times that he flips he is defending his players. I will always take that. Beats the heck out of REDACTED throwing players under the bus.
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    You know it, SAME OL HAWKEYES

    Do you suppose his kids also have the clown hair??
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    Boiler them up Hawks...Game thread.

    I feel the same way, this is an outlier not a trend. Watching it, I was sadly reminded of the Hawkslayer Bowl. Truly hard to watch in all aspects of the game.
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    How will Iowa finish the conference regular season?

    I have us at 5-4. If we take care of Purdue tonight, then 6-3. I think we will get Indiana or Minnesota and win out at home.
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    Mark Dantonio Resigns as Michigan State Football Coach

    who would want that?
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    Same Ol...Same Ol...Same Ol Hawkeyes

    And I agree. @RobHowe Well played sir!
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    Same Ol...Same Ol...Same Ol Hawkeyes

    You are a loser. @RobHowe. Will you please toss this worthless troll. This is something like the fourth troll post in the same series. Let's take out the trash.
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    Is there a single Big 10 player you really don't care for?

    Davison is a massive twatwaffle! Total punk, should be suspended for that garbage. Total bush league garbage.
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    OK, Where Do We Make Up The Nebraska Loss?

    I completely agree. Yes, the Hawks crapped down their legs in Lincoln. Teams have bad losses, it happens. Better that than the 1 seed Virginia loss in the first round of the tournament. Besides, lots of good wins after one bad loss. Everything is fine.
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    Friday night's Main Event Live from Icy Iowa City: Michigan vs Iowa Game Thread

    Just started snowing in North Chicago burbs. I don't think we are going to get it as bad though. Y'all be careful out there! Go hawks!
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    Say it with me, SAME OL HAWKEYES

    it's a very fair point. And if that is the circumstance, I will be less concerned. Hopefully the guys will start getting healthy. It's been one of those years with the injuries. Keep your eyes peeled for Sam Brownlee... :-)