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    the Offense is what it is.

    Spencer is a statue out there plane and simple. I think he can throw, but he can't move his feet to save his life. Gimme a sidestep or something to avoid the rush. Good god.
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    Great win, but plenty to work on

    8 wins in a row for this team dating back to last season and the games haven't been close. And the offense has been much of the same throughout. They have formula that's working.
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    Initial Game thoughts

    I agree 11 sounds about right. A lot of teams in front of them lost. And your right about Spence. He won't have to do a lot to win games for this team, but when he does have to play well, can he is the question.
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    Reminded why I hardly care anymore.

    For all you people crying why don't you go take a gander at what Nebraska is doing and then come back and say hi.
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    Beth Mowins MNF

    I don't get the hate for Mowins. I think she is just as good as the next person she calls a pretty unbiased game. What's did she do?
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    Is N. Dakota St. Iowa's "Trap Game?"

    No it's not a trap game it doesn't even fit the definition of a trap game. Maybe if they played a good team next week, but they play Rutgers so no this game is not a trap game unless you consider their win against Iowa State big win which I don't because Iowa St. maybe the worst team Iowa plays...
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    Oh Jesus, really?????????????????? (see duplicate thread soon to be posted)

    I can picture many black athletes saying "iowa city and risk getting shot by the cops I don't think they will be intimidated, but I could see a black recruit saying that he doesn't want to get shot over a case of mistaken identity so he won't go play in Iowa City.
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    Oh Jesus, really?????????????????? (see duplicate thread soon to be posted)

    I wonder if this will affect recruiting? I mean I don't know if a lot of players wan't to go to a place where their safety is a concern and things are pretty heated with the Police across the country. Terrible move by the Iowa City Police Department.
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    ***OFFICIAL Iowa v Purdue beatdown thread***

    All you need to do is get the adblocker + extension if your using firefox as a browser if not ie and chrome have similar extensions and they are free.
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    Has the program lost momentum?

    They have lost a ton of momentum and I say they end up finishing 2-2 and barely make the tourney. They are going from being ranked in the top fifteen to dropping out. If that isn't losing momentum than I don't know what is.