Official Iowa finally gets revenge against Duke for the 93 Game Thread

I thought Perkins was supposed to be a big deal this year. I haven't watched all the games this season, but I haven't seen much from him.
Someone is, he’s making plays, underwhelmed by his supporting cast so far. Hope we can figure it out but running out time. This has looked a lot like TCU. Iowa limited against teams with size and no one close to Jbo on the outside. It’s going to have limits it appears
Agreed. The guy is giving it his all....playing out of position really.
Hawks can’t handle size and can’t shoot from outside. It’s going to be a thing all year

This is the way it feels. If we could only have a complete team.....Iowa is probably winning this game.
Was afraid of this after TCU. Iowa can still dance this year and probably will, but there’s a cap on how good they can be. That’s fortunately not typically a trait of Fran’s teams. Whatch this one make it to week 2 in March. I don’t think that happens but sports are so fucking weird and unpredictable who da F knows
Wonder if the game is over


Scheduling conflict for certain

Iowa State has one of the best D ever

Similar to Arkansas's 40 Minutes of HELL
When Fran talked JBo back last year, i don’t think we all know how big that was. I can’t remember a kid who shot like Sandfort did last season, who came into the next season so screwed up. What the hell. Perkins to. Things not adding up early for me and the dynamics of this team.