Official Iowa finally gets revenge against Duke for the 93 Game Thread

Guys as far as Duke goes, this team is trash. Iowa should be able to at the very least keep this close.
I still stand by this. Not a great Duke team. Iowa is not as good as I’d hoped. Expected
Tony Perkins to be a much different player, expected Sandfort to be able to shoot, expected Kris to be a lot more consistent. Still a Q1 loss, there’s worse things and this isn’t the end of the world. I was hoping Iowa would go 2-1 on this 3 game stretch. Still could
If Sandfort comes around and Bowen gets more floor time

This will be a fun season to watch

Oh, Yeah, Kris is Nor Keegan
Just can’t be undersized AND shoot this bad. You can be one of the other, can’t be both or you won’t be great. I think Iowa is still got a decent team, i just think it’s going to be limited how good it can be. I’d like to see them fight and scrape in a tougher then expected B1G and make the dance
Rebraca is the only guy that showed up to play hard tonight and he’s improved a great deal since last year. Undersized yes but he plays longer than he is.
Some sloppy defense tonight. A bigger concern was the apparent inability to show up for the moment. This team is mentally tougher than the Uthoff/Gesell teams a d that didn't show up tonight. When shots aren't falling maybe you should work for easier ones. But we missed some at point blank range as well..

I saw Wisconsin get into the same position vs Kansas on Thanksgiving Day. Behind double digits in the second half they didn't panic. They benched Hepburn and grinded out possessions, made Kansas play defense. And would have stole the game if not for a fluke tip in in overtime.

We need to get back to the pit bull metality that got us through BTT weekend.. Not much else to take from this one. That Ogendule and Mulvey aren't getting significant minutes in a game where we could have really used them speaks volumes. About them.
Also, outside of Conner, pretty basketball dumb so far. We don’t get good looks, don’t take good shots and a lot of forced turnovers. Until Kris figures out how to handle being a marked man, we’re going to have a hard time beating anyone with size
A team that is longer, quicker and better than you can make you look pretty dumb.
Iowa gets home sometime Wed. morning and plays ISU again Thursday. ISU plays us fully rested since last playing Sunday.
While it is at Carver, with such a short turnaround, the only thing to do is rest and just focus on good form free-throws (60% vs Duke and 38 for 61 - 62% last 3 games - c'mon!) and quick pass 3-point shooting (19% vs Duke and 16 for 61 - 26% last 3 games - that's terrible!) Wednesday and Thurs am.

With Iowa's size disadvantage, their whole foundation for success is making throws and 3's. If you can't do those basics, expect more 8-12 pt losses against any decent team going forward.

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