Official Iowa finally gets revenge against Duke for the 93 Game Thread

This is what happens to Iowa when they can't shoot the rock, the other team gets confidence, then it just gets harder and harder.
Murray. I’m saying, this is between the ears. He’s not even close on these shots. He’s not ready for the moment over and over. It sucks. He’s capable.

Yeah, he has to get the ball on the perimeter to be able to create and or get free throws
lot of pressure on him. gotta work his way through it
Yes. It’s a new role, completely different then what he’s used to. Fran used a weak OC last season to build Keegan’s confidence. Banked on Kris being a little more head strong. He’s capable. He’s gotta figure it out. I think he will.
Why do I still think Iowa is right there? Duke needs to cool off from 3, we need to heat up from 3. Our defensive rebounding is solid. Turnovers ok. Overall, Iowa D is decent.
From three, Iowa 1-7, Duke 6-11.

We'll probably see this a lot against better teams.
To all those people who bitched about Bohannon all those years.

We miss his shooting.

Ulis still isn't ready on a consistent basis when it comes to bulldog, on the ball defense.

We still need to turn to Connor too much to settle things down.

If Connor plays more than fifteen minutes were in trouble.

If a team neutralizes our offensive rebounding were in trouble