Iowa Targeting January for New OC

Arizona is Likewise Looking for an Offensive Coordinator. Doesn't look like they are going to wait 3 months. Their short List:
Mike Riley NFL & Nebby & Oregon St.
Danny Langsdorf OC at Nebby in 2015
Brennan Marion UNLV OC
Dino Babers last job was Syracuse
don't knew this, I read it on twitter, this search has taken longer than the time it took the allies to liberate Paris.
Being a history buff and serving in the Marine Corps for eight years and combat myself, your post cracks me up. I could just imagine the offensive strategy under captain kirk and second lt. Brian. Atleast we could always punt with our artillery and hold with our defensive positions but I'm pretty sure it would wind up like WW1 in trench warfare for along stalemate. I do believe Gen. Patton would fire the good captain immediately and he would be back in the states taking inventory of beemans gum and Lt. Brian assigned to top officers latrine duty for the shitty results.
We need an OC. We have a lot of money thanks to the BigTen. Let's hire someone excellent and also make certain our QB's get a good coach. What we had did not work so no reason to repeat it.
Based on the offense's ranking almost any OC out there would be an improvement. Let's get this done. And don't be afraid to poach an OC from a top offensive team.
We all know it’s going to be Philbin or some other boring hire. Like holding in a fart at this point.
Starting to feel like the boring picks that KF really wanted, like Philbin, are not interested in becoming KF's fall guy. KF may be talking to guys who are weighing whether the cash and promotion are worth the loss in autonomy, career impact, and in doing their job.

At this point, I now think this will end up being a curveball name out of left field (how's that for a baseball double mixed analogy). Like, everyone runs to Wikepedia to find the guy and its 2 paragraphs long. Like, the Sarah Palin of OC candidates. Like, the Kirk Ferentz of HC's selections back in 1999.....
That's some hot off the press news. Great sleuthing.

Johns: Coach, will I have autonomy over the offense?
KF: These cinnamon rolls are outstanding
Johns: Will I have authority to select my starting QB?
KF: More coffee?
Johns: Can we modernize the audible system?
KF: I am going to hit that buffet one more time.