Beth Mowins MNF


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lol. ESecPN is in a death spiral. love it.
I'm torn on it. I by no means am ok with how things have gone over there the last 10 yrs or so. But what's the alternative if they collapse? Rumors are that live sports will get gobbled up by the facebooks, yahoos, googles of the world now that'll get into bidding wars. Who knows how that'll shake things up as we know it. Maybe it'd be for the better but the unknown is just that. Preferably I'd like ESPN to just get their act together and quit bein so political and concentrate more on sports and less on pushing social agendas.


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So this is a one time thing. The 2nd game of the Season opening Monday night double header on ESPN. Obviously being done for the PR, not based on merit. Oh well, thats life in the 21st century.

One thing that may help Beth Mowins is that she may get a better production crew for the MNF game than she normally gets for her ESPN2 11am college games. The production values for the ESPN2 games are usually pretty awful.


1. Pro football sucks and hasn't been watchable in the last 20 years. Give me Al Michaels and Frank Gifford or give me death.

2. Beth Mowins has far more testosterone than Tony Kornheiser if we're going to be fair.

3. Beth Mowins also has less functional grey matter than Lee Corso. And he's better looking.

4. Pro football sucks.
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There's no one left to do it. The nighttime janitor was busy. I joke because I care.


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I just don't care. I am sure she will not be any better or any worse than Mike Greenberg doing play by play. As a color analyst I am not a fan of Gruden I will bet Rex Ryan can do the same sunshine pumping that Gruden does.

Mowins doing one or two NFL games and several third tier college football games..... I am not going to lose sleep over that.

Bottom line, she is average to me. When you are average, you get the kinda gigs she is getting. 3rd tier B1G games.


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I'd like to apologize to anybody I've ever butted heads with on the board. Let's make peace, as this is surely the end of the world.

I am going to save your post, because you finally apologized to me for continually piling on and berating me for my brilliant insights! Thank you for coming to your senses!