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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    Forbes, Devries, and Jans would be on that short list. Regardless of this tragic accident I really didn't see Jack at Iowa. Just a gut feeling, but watch him be POY in Iowa and go to a blue blood.
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    I just wonder what kind of a roster they'll have after this is all said and done? Will they have anything remotely resembling a D1 football team, albeit a weak one? Could they push the reset button and sit out this season and regroup for next year? Going to be downright dangerous for them even...
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    NW is supposed to have one of, if not the best journalism schools in the country. And a story of this magnitude is one thing every student reporter would be dying to work on.
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    As long as it puts a dent in Wisconsin's recruiting, it's all good.
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    Fitz In The Pitz

    Damn, once again, a team in the B1G amazes me. Something like hazing @ a place like jNW. Yeah if Fitz had any idea this was happening and didn't stop it, he's good as gone.
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    Bohnenkamp: Cade McNamara Motivated

    Having a qb without happy feet and who looks to push the ball downfield is a big upgrade in talent on those factors alone.
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    ESPN Layoffs

    Brad Nessler works for CBS so I couldn't care less about these layoffs. I appreciated Suzy and Steve Young, but the rest? Snore.............
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    Phoenix DL Devan Kennedy Commits to Iowa Football

    Just like the kids who go to IWCC. They get used to it.
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    What About Baylor?

    I know this adding a Texas school to the B1G is an admirable goal, but how does Baylor's academic research compare to ATM and UT?
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    With all these events coming together, I don't see Fran around after Patrick has graduated. Fran's had some stellar players on the team, and yet with all the stats of improvement over previous coaches, he still cannot go deep in the Dance. Plus with Jack's situation, new AD, and Fran getting up...
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    Iowa Adds Transfer Miami (OH) OL Rusty Feth

    He sure as hell looks the part.
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    If it's on Twitter it must be true right?!

    When school's in session around a B1G campus it's not uncommon for students to completely ignore their surroundings, especially traffic.
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    Jack won't be a Hawkeye

    The fact of Barta getting "retired" seems to me a big reason for seeing coaching changes in football and shooty hoops. Just a hunch but Drake and Mississippi State may be trying to lock down their coaches for the foreseeable future.
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    Big Ten 2024 schedule

    Yeah. Pitt - PSU should be a yearly game. No reason to not make that game one of the highlights of the season, along with Mich/OSU.
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    Major ISU Shakeup

    If true, it would be devastating to ISU. Damn.