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    Championship games

    Looked like one of those trick plays you see on YouTube.
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    Leistikow saying Saban is at SE Polk today

    Saban has a hankering for a Zombie Burger. That's all.
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    Pick the Starting QB for next season

    I thought Padilla had his eyes on med school?
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    Iowa football fans are getting the shaft

    Sadly, I'm afraid that is the mindset inside Ft. Kinnick.
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    Iowa football fans are getting the shaft

    Hopefully he doesn't get drafted by the Bears.
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    Look on the up side

    They certainly didn't look bad today. Had an answer for nearly everything Iowa did.
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    Have teams finally figured out Iowa’s once dominate defense???

    Defense looked like shit much of the game. Shades of Purdue games in the recent past.
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    Post Your UNpopular Hawkeye Hot Take

    I wish we'd get rid of the cartoon character we have for a mascot and get a real Hawkeye, as in The Last of the Mohicans.
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    Boat Rowers and the Hawkeyes Game Thread

    Campbell got screwed out of a pic six! Go Hawks!
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    High School Playoffs

    What I want to know is where are schools like Britt getting a steady influx of players? The northwestern quadrant of Iowa is not an area with exploding population, and hasn't been for years.
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    Rain and maybe Wind at Purdue

    Not the first time that's happened. I remember having them scheduled in the first round against Roland Story when RS was defending champs.
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    TJ Hockenson To The Vikes

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    10-25-22 Press Conference Content

    Both coaches are and were very thin-skinned when dealing with the media. Here's a thought, if you don't like public scrutiny, don't take a highly visible job of D1 football coach.
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    Fact or Fiction: If Charlie Jones is still on team we are at least 5-2

    That's only if Petras could get him the ball, and right now that's highly doubtful.
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    What really irritates Aggie fans is Jimbo has a buyout that's close to 100 mil.