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  • hi jon, WHO radio used to rebraodcast the games either on saturday or sunday nights. as i recall they do the 11 and 2:30 games but not night games. just wondering if they still do this and why not the night games. thanks for your time on this busy but exciting day. GO HAWKS!!!!!
    Jon, I was wondering if I could start a thread in the off topic forum and promote a blog that I started. The blog is called Iowa Tube Talk On this blog is daily listing of sports on TV in Iowa as well as sports media news. I've seen national TV listings on other web sites, but nothing that is Iowa specific.

    Please let me know if I can do this as I think that Iowa fans will find the daily TV listings helpful. If you go to the blog, the TV listings for Saturday's MLB Game on Fox is what my plans are for college & NFL football regional telecasts on the various ABC, Fox, and CBS affiliates across Iowa.

    Big 10, Big 12 and the regional pro teams will always come first in my TV listings and national telecasts will follow.


    Jason Garnatz
    You should really consider banning DOC from HN...he's doing exactly what he got banned from insider for. The recruiting forum isn't even worth reading right now, its ridiculous.
    hey - where did your twitter feed on the front page go? that was how I found out about a lot of things before I dug in depth to comment or find more on them here.
    Could you put that twitter feed back up plz?
    Hey Jon

    I just got a message that my post (I tried to start a thread) to the Political forum has to be approved by someone before it shows up. I have never seen that before and am wondering if I did something improper. I don't think I did -- but would like to know so it won't be repeated. Thanks
    You realize that every time you are late putting a podcast up an angel loses its wings, right?
    Hi Jon, I enjoy listening to your show every morning.

    I'm a Husker fan living in Ankeny and the Husker message board that I post on, has started a new sub forum called "Big 10 Country". This sub forum is designed to "Discuss the things that make the Big Ten special, history, rivalries, great moments, etc." I'm looking for feedback from Iowa fans on the quirks that makes Iowa football unique. I've already started a thread on the pink locker room and that's all I really know. That's why i'm looking for feedback from Iowa fans on our message board, we all ready have several fans from other Big 10 schools who have joined to help educate us Husker fans on everything related to Iowa football.

    Could you help and put the word out? I know alot of you despise Nebraska, and that's fine, however, I don't know what kind of feedback I would receive if I started the thread myself.

    The website is Welcome to the Husker Fan Club!

    Thanks, Jon.
    Your website has valuable applications beyond sports. I believe it has many applications in education. I learned several facts about American History after my recent post, "College Athletics' Louisiana Purchase?" Check out that post to see what I mean. I am not an online learning guru by any means, but I know that parents and teachers could use this kind of resource to help kids learn. Imagine an "Education Nation" website. The possibilities are endless: study groups, special topics, tutorials, teachers posting lesson plans for other teachers. I am a former teacher who did not use the internet much to interact with others until I started using this site. Check the responses to my "Louisiana Purchase" post for examples of how learning, information sharing, and cross-referencing take place. There is power is collaborating with others in a website format like yours. I believe it has greater applications than sports.
    Troy in Urbandale
    Just a note about your piece on "Responses from Husker fans." Nebraska used to run the "triple option" out of the "I" and Power I. Don't ever recall Nebby running the wishbone. Fairbanks from Oklahoma first ran the bone in the Big Eight with Mildren, Pruitt, Whylie and Crosswhite.
    Quick note- Switzer is thought to have introduced the bone at OU, but I've read his book "Bootlegger's Son" and he was an assistant to Fairbanks when they installed the bone.
    There's a thread in the football forum that I feel should be made a "sticky" thread, if that's possible for you to do. It's the thread about former Hawkeye Jory Helms, who is on dialysis with end-stage renal failure. He was in Ferentz's first recruiting class, so he's a fairly recent figure. And he's a Hawk who needs all the support he can get. I just feel like this story is much more important than Big Ten expansion or DJK's draft status. Thanks!
    Jon, I totally understand you're pretty busy, just letting you know that if you have time, I'd definitely appreciate any feedback on my blog piece that you published to the forums. Just what you liked, what you didn't like, and anything that could be improved? Thanks!
    Jon, tried twice last night to post information about a meal we enjoyed using a tremendous barbecue rib rub, first as a new post on the Off-Topic forum, then a much shorter note as a reply to the all-night smoker thread in that forum. In both cases the board said my posts would have to be approved by a moderator. I did link to the rub recipe at What would prevent my notes being posted directly in Off-Topic?
    Oops my bad -- I am sorry. I am getting accustomed tot his format. Thanks for the reminder.
    Sorry Jon, I didn't expect that thread to turn that badly. Curiosity got the best of me and I probably should have went with a PM asking about it first since it was a touchy subject. Love reading the site and listening to you guys in the morning. Still hoping for things to turn around in the BBall program but its hard to see the end of the tunnel when its midnight.
    Jon, I was cruising the Penn St boards and noticed this thread about you. Didn't know if you've ran across it yet. You might have to make a visit.

    Where is Jon Miller from Hawkeyenation? Where is John D. Miller? (from
    Jon, I have a crossword that I made and would like to post, but it is too large for the site to accept for upload. Do you want to take a look at it and post it yourself if you approve?
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