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  • Hello Jon: Thanks for the opportunities, here. Really, I do appreciate it and good luck with the Orange Bowl trips.
    As usual, I think the Hawkeyes are going to get the win. And I'm not overlooking Ga Tech. I know they are good. It will be a much more difficult game than South Carolina, last year, I believe. Merry Christmas.
    Hey Jon, I just started posting on Hawknation. I have been reading it for a year. Tonight, i post on NC looking bleak, that you set up. But my post didn't show up. Did you not allow it or am i just not post the right way?
    Jon: I can't seem to see the original message that I sent to which you replied (I hit the 'view conversation' link but only see your reply to me. If I recall correctly (my apologies: I have a lot going on between family, work, and school), it was something about the need for vigilance on a free site. Either that or you sent me a message intended for someone else!

    In any event, I would like to hear more about your expectations are for moderators in terms of the role you want them playing, activity level, time commitment, etc. So yes, consider me interested!
    Jon, can you post something somewhere that tells us what we should do on this site each day if we are making it our main source of Hawkeye sports? I am not familiar enough with it to figure this out. Maybe you could post something like, go to this place to look at new Iowa articles around the web since yesterday, go to this place on HN to see new articles by You since yesterday, etc. Do you know what I am saying? If not, feel free to give me a call.

    Nice site, I am still getting use to it. But a fine start. I would never be good mod material, but if there is ever anything I could do to help I would be willing and eager.

    Thank you for being a driving force for HawkeyeNation. Good Luck and Go Hawks!!

    Brian Carter
    Hey Jon. Congrats on the new site. The more Hawkeye sites the better in my book.

    Hey my username got kinda screwed up in this whole process. It currently has me username as "imported_Scothawk".

    Can you help fix this to just "Scothawk"?

    it just seemed like you were all over the place like a few people that were stirring up trouble last night...its cool
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