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  • I've been informed that there is another game watch location in Richardson that sounds to be a little more of an "active" group. Perhaps Ball State weekend?
    Completely missed your message- no worries. I will be out of town for AZ as well, maybe we can plan something for Ball State. Should have plenty to talk through by that game.
    Plano -- sorry I have a new puter and have been on the road and for some reason I could not get the notification of a message to open until today. My god that was a mouthful!

    I am Out of town the week of Iowa State ... but would love top get together possibly the week of (or game day for Ball State or Arizona).

    Just holler and have a great Labor Day weekend.
    no worries. was thinking about trying to get together maybe mid week or so... maybe try and scout out a location for future watching? i'm thinking about possibly watching next week's game at home and having a couple people over... but not quite sure yet what my plans are for sure.
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