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  • Hey Terry, Just hoping I didn't offend you into leaving the PC forum. FYI, I'm taking a sabbatical as well. Donn
    I want to get my labradoodle washed, nails clipped and hair cut. Where is your salon? Or is that saloon? :)
    I can't really disagree with any of that...including your score prediction. But anything can happen on any given Saturday...so you never know!
    Drake: A Hawkeye sports bar in Adel is the way to go. :)
    Also, please relay a message to Thunderhawk..........he is a ******.
    Drake, I think you talked once about experience in the food industry and possibly some interest in opening your own place - maybe, someday.

    I own a building on the Square in Adel. I don't know that any restaurant idea would work here except making it a destination place. I would love for someone to do that at my building.

    I thought an idea like the Safe House in Milwaukee would be a cool idea.

    The Official Safe House Home Page

    Do you have any interest in kicking around an idea? I have absolutely no time frame, but just kicking tires.

    I do not have the skills and ability to pull off a restaurant, so it would have to be someone else. I thought of you.
    Deal. I will be at the OSU, Wisky, and Ball State games. Oh, and the Arizona game!

    I'm excited about Nebraska's inclusion into the B10, btw. I have a friend who can get me tickets there, but I digress.

    It would be fun to have a beer with you.
    No, I was never on the other site. I think in the post you are talking about I stated something about Fox News and then put Thunderhawk at the bottom to be funny. I remember when I first got on this site he and I would go at it pretty good and he hated Fox News with a passion along with anything else right leaning.
    I just visited Jon's site the other day immediately after asking if he was still running. Was glad to see that he is. It seems his voice is pretty quiet around here now, but that's probably just because I used to like to listen to him on the Deace round-table ("blah blah blah... like that"). He was pretty polarizing in his role on the school board, but I really respected his tenacity. Have some friends on the local board here in Grime who are good, conservative dudes: while they appreciated where he was coming from, they hated his approach. Hopefully he can do well in his run, but he is going to have to reach those people who agree with him but think he is just a media whore (their words). Take care!-Greg
    Thanks for the heads up on the Glenn Beck thing. I think you probably should bounce it off a few others that are wiser than me. Anyway, looks like Boat beat you to posting the thread.
    So, you like hangin out with the likes of knighthawk? Probably good that I've been shut down, although I do miss the outlet. I'm in Vegas Sun - Thursday. Want me to put any bets down? God Bless
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