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    The Kentucky Derby & Rich Strike

    It was last Saturday.
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    Howe: Iowa Needs to Pick Up Pace in NIL Race

    IDK if anybody else saw but the RB for Texas signed a NIL deal with Lamborghini. I believe he got a Lamborghini in the process. Crazy times for sure.
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    This is why players opt out of meaningless bowl games

    Ray Rice is the only one convicted of anything on your list.
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    Connor McCaffery Announces Return for 6th Season

    Same People bitching about Iowa not making a sweet 16 are the same people who are happy Conor is coming back. Theres more people happy to see Conor come back then there was when JBO came back. Process that.
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    Iowa Football Visit A Lifetime Memory for Kaspers

    Exactly I wonder if they had the same energy when we got Xavier X. I guess we must have offered him more NIL since some of these guys think thats all it boils down to now.. I will guarantee you to almost 95% of these kids NIL doesnt factor in at all.
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    Story: Iowa Basketball Searching for Reinforcements

    You dont find future player of the years that wind up at Iowa through the transfer Portal. I mean we can hope but I dont think there has been a player of the year from the portal yet.
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    Story: Iowa Basketball Searching for Reinforcements

    Well pry resort to bringing in some Junior in High School that guarantees Fran if you give me a Scholly Ill reclassifiy just like Mulvey did.
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    Josh Ogundele in the transfer portal

    I would Love to hear the reason why Nebraska and Iowa State can get big recruits then.
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    Keegan Murray Enters Name in NBA Draft

    But I understand things thats the difference between me and alot of others.
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    LSU Loses All Thirteen Scholarship Players

    They fired there coach who was caught on tape saying bascially he was paying his players. They hired Murray States coach. Everyone is pry transferring out because they arent getting paid anymore.
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    Clark snubbed

    If anybody watched Boston play last night they would fully understand why she won the award and was most deserving of it. Wow is she good.
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    Clark snubbed

    Heres another thing that factors into this voting. Clark has finsihed 2nd two years in a row. These voters know that she could win it every year but there not going to give it to her every year. They know she still has 2 years left dont be surprised if she wins it the next 2 years.
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    Keegan Murray Enters Name in NBA Draft

    When you dont understand things its best if you just dont respond.
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    Keegan Murray Enters Name in NBA Draft

    Ah yes I was waiting for you to reply because I knew you wouldnt get the joke that flew right over your head. Read previous comments to understand why I said what I said. Ill help ya out some people really thought he should stay at Iowa.
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    Keegan Murray Enters Name in NBA Draft

    Keegan was the First guy who declared for the draft thats projected to be a high lottery pick. He didnt take long to realize he was done playing with his brother and that a education was secondary.