The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

Maybe the Hawks can get it down to 10

By the end of the game

Why it's Important to Challenge Yourself in College
And to be honest, there's really no way you can say one conference is better than another when conference members only play themselves.

Kenpom, Sagarin, and NET are the best tools we have, but even those systems are hobbled by the fact that there's no substantive interconference play.
Today shows front and center why weiskamp is a great story but also why he won’t be playing in the nba. No handles/quicks. He’ll be earning his overseas
And that is what it is. Nothing wrong making money overseas. I would hope he embraces that instead of jumping around the d league every few months. The former is more stable.
Literally, the 2 most competitive teams from the big 10-ish were Wisconsin and Rutgers. At least they showed up and played to their ability.

Can't believe I bought the hype train this year on the B10, after yesterday knew this was going to be an L but dang this conference was paper hands all the way.
player development will be key for next year. I think Perkins will be tough at both ends.
It will be a different style team wise.

This looks like Loyola/Illinois.
Omoruyi looks like Krutwig. Can step, can pass, etc.
that is a different guy than he was at Rutgers
Signing out with 8:00 to go.........too painful to watch any further.

What to blame it on.........take your pick of many choices available today and you'll likely not be wrong. I'm going with contract extension and the basketball gods.
We'll be raking leaves and watching football before you know it folks. Life goes too fast to let this shit get you down.
Truth. What gets us down is that as good as Fran can build these teams, he doesn't have what it takes to coach them further than here. At least when he coached siena schools would over look his team and not be prepared. He doesn't get that advantage anymore.

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