The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread


Speaking of Ducks, remember this gem from the Mighty Ducks movie? Remember the speech from Coach Reilly to little Gordon Bombay?

Now, apply it today. You lose this game you are not only letting the team down, you are letting me down too. It is not worth winning if you can't win big! LOL

No pressure at all to the little kid.

Coach Reilly was asshole, but he knew how to win. All those championship banners and one second place finish.

BTW....Coach Reilly coached the Hawks.

No quacking around here, let's get to the Sweet 16 and get this hex off our backs!
Iowa's 3 point defense needs to step it up today. Hopefully Oregon's long layover and not having played in this gym will lead to poor shooting by them.
Bo MotherFucking Boroski

They are really trying to F the Hawks

In the tournament

That was certainly a ticky-tacky foul on Connor

F a Duck

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