The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

Trust me I want Iowa to win in a big why do we think this will get any better over the next 8 years?
It's been said on this board before. Iowa has an absolute star in Garza. A really good player in Weiskamp. And then a whole bunch of guys who are solid ball players who would all be "quality minutes off the bench" players at a legitimate top 10 program.
Iowa athletics in a nutshell. But the hardcores would have you believe “stars don’t matter”. Lol
Best team we’ve had in dcades and we make the round of 32, embarrassing and a waste of Garza. Don’t even blame Fran, the other starters shit the bed.
Nope I see JT still getting stupid charges and behind the back dribbles before a shot, Keegan leaving his feet, others falling for fakes and watching the wrong parts of the body, bad foot work, not closing the lane, not stepping up to help, bad court positioning, lazy passing, bad substitutions and adjustments/matching up. This is on Fran more than anyone. Team lacks fundamentals, and some discipline, and also some muscle tone and definition on the conditioning side. Nice to get together have fun and be a team but you want to make a tournament run there is serious work to be done to be at that level. Fran doesn't seem to know what it takes like the big boys seem to.
Oregon should be a 2/3 seed at worst. Won Pac12, 14-4.
Also Ducks are actually older than Hawks.
Murray looking a bit like Fr today
OK boys. I’m also signing off. Mrs. Tweeter and I got our second CV shots yesterday. She’s doing fine and obeyed my instructions to work in the yard. I’m running a fever and gonna go back to bed.

See ya in football season.

Yeah, got my second shot Friday

Ran a fever all day and slept

Woke up and everything was fine

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