The Official Duck Hunt your way to the Sweet 16 Game thread

Christ, another turnover as JoeT tries inside again. As someone a few posts above said, Iowa is squandering an opportunity. It's now or never.
I'll be sorely disappointed if Iowa doesn't fight for this and proceeds to get blown out.
It’s not about “fighting”. It’s about redface understanding what personnel to have in the game. Bohannon finally goes out down 16...touissant, Murray and pmac in. Lead immediately down to 10 and Oregon hasn’t scored since
lots of criticizing on here , some of it deserved , but these other guys are pretty darn good and they are better athletes
G-DAMMIT Toussaint. You're fun to watch for about 5 seconds of that playground shit, then, you're just another out-of-control spaz!
You f'ing blink and Oregon scores 10 points.

Keegan needs to start hitting a few of his open threes next year.

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