OFFICIAL: Iowa Names Greg Davis as OC

i think this is still a grooming situation just maybe longer. i could see raih and bf as co-offensive coordinators or bf as asst head coach in 5-8 yrs.

i think he will reenergize the offense and hopefully groom qbs like mccoy.
Good hire. Glad they came back from cruise and wasted little time in making announcement official. This guy has a good track record and has been at the top. Hopefully, he still has the hunger to help the O do their part to get back that top 20 (10 even) feeling.

I'm thinking his fresh start in an already top caliber program is not only good for him, but is the catalyst to help KF and company be all they can be. This makes us now have (on paper anyhow) one of the strongest coaching staffs in football!

The next 1-5 years will be very interesting indeed.
I'm good with the hire.
Two things...
1) was done with KOK no matter what he did.
2) at WORST Davis makes Iowa more unpredictable for a few seasons.
If this guy was the QB coach that produced 3 of only 5 NFL starters from Texas, with all the studs they have had come through there, that is impressive, as is averaging 39 ppg, tops in BCS conference teams in the decade he was there. He also adapts his offense to his personnel, drops 60 in weakling opponents, and has had a year to reflect and ways to do things, plus brings a new, fresh perspective from a powerhouse program outside the walls of Iowa City. I like it. I keep reading how the only coach more conservative than Okeefe was this guy, but I think he will be fine, and it's not like Kirk was going to go hire a coach from Oregon's offense or something.
Dog bites man.

Query - If he is hired to run KF's offense, does it matter who "he" is?

I've heard Jon say many times the KOK was just running the type of offense that KF wanted. Why will this be any different with Davis?