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Ya know, I wanna believe you're right with your theory on giving BF some leeway, but somehow trying to think KF is going to make even the slightest changes in his coaching philosophy is hard to fathom.

I do hope your assumption is right though, because I do think the first part of your theory is right and it will be Brian. Like I stated before. IMO it will be a sink or swim deal for BF. If KF sees him going down and Brian thinks he's being handcuffed, he may give in a little.

I agree with you and others...chances of KFz changing are slim (as we've seen ad nauseum) and when he's usually too late/overdue/not enough...always the last one to "get it".

That's why I postulate that BF may be the only way that's gonna happen...if it happens.
If Brian's last name wasn't Ferentz, nobody here would want him as OC.

Brian is not "our only hope". That is just ridiculous. We need a young, hungry, EXPERIENCED OC. Not someone who will have to learn on the job. Let Brian get that experience at a smaller school.

There are better candidates out there.....get one of them.

Exactly right. The guy is in no way qualified to be the OC. This was daddy's plan all along though. Total bullshit what KF is doing. Who on this staff can recruit? Brian can't recruit either. Get an experienced OC that can recruit talent.
As long as we keep recruiting 2 star talent and walk ons at WR this offense will continue to suck no matter who is the OC. The problem is the head coach, until he is gone, and the entire staff, then we see the same boring brand of football.
Greg Davis was the savior when KOK left, who was the previous punching bag. Todd Lickliter was the savior when Steve Alford left.

I gotta admit, I never was overly optimistic with the Davis hire though, I didn't see a lot of enthusiasm on that one. I didn't love O'keefe, but certainly didn't think he was awful, and didn't deserve the vitrol. I think Davis is awful, at least in terms of how he meshes with the overall KF philosophy.

I'm a pro KF guy overall, but the Davis hire...and retention...until now...that criticism on KF is warranted.
As long as we keep recruiting 2 star talent and walk ons at WR this offense will continue to suck no matter who is the OC.

False. While we may not get to a top 25 offense at current WR and overall skill position recruiting levels, which I believe we have had at similar recruiting levels in the past...

We can most certainly be avg or above.

Should that be the should we recruit better at Wr, yes.

Extreme fringe stating extreme fringe things.
sonny Dykes is available. Doubt he would be a fit, but if he were a fit and if he wanted to do the OC thing for awhile, I think Iowa could really be good.v

made me think, is the fit a tough thing to do at Iowa? is this some kind of special 'fit' is that a good thing or a bad thing?

doubt they want a fast track guy who wants 2 years and move on.
I disagree,a lot of people couldn't figure out why Greg Davis was selected.

Ehhh, I don't know about that. "Savior" is probably the wrong word, but there were plenty of people willing to give GD a chance, including myself. I gave GD a pass after the 2012 season, it was after the 2014 season where I was like this isn't working.
Since Kevin Wilson just got hired as the new OC at Ohio state, maybe we can go after the guy who was Wilson's OC at Indiana, Kevin Johns. The new Indiana head coach just let him go so why not see if he is interested.

Not saying Kevin Johns is as good as Kevin Wilson himself, but he would certainly know everything Indiana was doing offensively under Wilson, which would bring a lot of interesting ideas to the staff.
I like this idea.
I miss TKsirius. He was a real douche sometimes, but he made me laugh. I forget what he got banned for though

He was banned for posting disinformation regarding The Germ. I believe that in his last sequence of posts he had the audacity to suggest that the IFR was something under the 3.4% that the experts agreed was the right number. Like most other deniers of the science, he's likely dead by now.
No chit. I wonder if she's still getting it on.

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