Narrow path to playoff

The best thing about combining conference champs with a publicly available RPI formula for the extra 2-3 at-larges is even if you don't like the RPI formula format you still can't bitch about it. If you want in, win your conference.
Plus, in a lot of respects it extends the playoffs. The 5 conference championship games are the de facto first round of the playoffs. Those are all at neutral site games. Then, you take the Top 4 playoff teams and let them host the first round. Come on up to Ann Arbor, NIck Saban!
The CFP has never selected a 2-loss team. It always picks a 1-loss non-champion over a 2-loss champion. Iowa, okst and Lou have no chance because they already have 2 losses. In the scenerio listed, Ore, Tex, Bama all pick up their 2nd loss and are non-champions. That leaves

13-0 Champion Georgia
13-0 Champion Washington
12-1 non-champion FSU
12-1 non-champion Mich
11-1 non champion Ohio St

Of these, FSU is probably left out, then Mich and OSU get in.
Exactly, which is what I posted also. It also provides clean matchups with #1 Georgia vs #4 OSU; and #2 Washington vs #3 Michigan -- so no repeats of teams which have already met this year.
There's no way in hell 2-loss Alabama gets chosen over Ohio St, whose single loss would be to the #3 seed.
This thread has Nebraska levels of lunacy.
In fairness, almost everyone except the OP stated expressly that it was stupid and that there was 0% chance that Iowa makes the playoffs. Even the OP had some objective basis to start the thread given that bets apparently can be placed. So, let's not paint ourselves with the unhinged fanboy delusions of Bugeater fans.....
The point of this thread is more that it's fun to speculate on all the possible scenarios right now. I think it is interesting that the debates on this thread mirror a lot of the ones nationally, meaning there isn't a ton of consensus (not talking about Iowa here). I think it is difficult to make definitive statements this year.

What happens if Alabama and Texas and Florida State all win?

Are we looking at a playoff of Florida State, Michigan, the winner of the pac 12 game, and Texas?

Meaning the SEC would be shut out?
A friend pointed out to me that Iowa is one of nine teams listed still with odds to win the national title. So I assume there is some kind of path to the playoffs not involving natural disasters, plane crashes or pandemics.

It's November 29th and we're still talking about a path to the playoffs. Have some fun with that, no matter how narrow the odds.

So what is that path?

Iowa beats Michigan
Washington beats Oregon
Georgia beats Alabama
Texas loses to OK State
Florida State loses to Louisville

In that scenario, is it Iowa, WA, GA....and who? Still a one loss Michigan? You can't take a one loss OSU over a one loss Michigan, can you? Could a two loss Iowa really jump a one loss Ohio State?

Is Florida State in regardless of a win or loss in that scenario? What if they look horrible in a loss? Would they dip below a two loss Iowa?

What would the path be?
The first domino has fallen.