Hawks vs Jackrabbits game thread


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15 total rushing yards.

This new look offense is dangerous. To anyone who watches it as the likelihood of developing depression increases 80% while watching this fucking garbage.


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My favorite quote today. "BF has tried to simplify the offense for Petras" So how do you simplify vanilla????


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Stunning really. Last year’s offense was beyond the pale. I said and reasoned “they’ll be better on offense..how could they be worse?

they’re worse


Some of the loudest boos I’ve ever heard in Kinnick and it’s for Brian and Petras.

They need to make a change at half. I don’t fucking care what excuse Brian uses, use any excuse, but make the goddamn change.

Spencer Petras is not a good P5 quarterback. Brian knows it, Kirk knows it, the fans know it, and Petras likely knows it. Rip the band aid off and make the change. The odds of Padilla doing demonstrably worse are very, very small.


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Petras looks like trash but the fact is that this Offense is horrible in ALL PHASES!!! Because Brian Ferentz isn’t a Offensive Coordinator!!!
I honestly can admit that now. If a Div 1 college coach can't drum up more than 60 yrds in offense in a half, it's a problem. Again, this against a FCS team with 30 less scholarship players. What the F are we doing here? Fuk this.