C.J. Fiedorowicz

Who else (under Ferentz) has played as a true freshman when we had a healthy upper classman w/experience ready to go.

Not saying there hasn't been someone, but Ferentz does not use true freshman a lot. Even if they have loads of talent.

You'd have to go all the way back to a guy named Tony Moeaki for that.
This would have been funnier if you would have gotten the name right.

I didn't use KC's name on purpose, Scott. I guess the humor in it was lost because I chose not to drag KC's name through the mud.

It is summer, aka the 'most boring time of the Iowa sports year'.
I saw him on it last summer and thought the same thing---guess we were wrong. As soon as he gets his blocking down he will no doubt be special
Way to bring this back from the ole's scrap pile.

I saw CJ Fiedorowizc driving a fancy red Porsche & thought "$hit, when did he transfer to Ohio State?!!?"
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