Band Member's Social Media Post

You’ve brought up what you think is a problem, now what’s the solution?

The "solution" is not a 2 day "investigation" where you issue a joint press release with some knuckle F slack jaw from Iowa State and say "derp, dare's bad gaiz on boff sides" and you strong arm kids into not saying anything on social media.

This would never happen in IC.

1. I believe three were polk county officers and one was a statey.
2. Pollard said they were with them all day. There are various reports that they went ahead to the bus during the incident, but like with everything, we don't actually know.

seems that somebody got sloppy
The "solution" is not a 2 day "investigation" where you issue a joint press release with some knuckle F slack jaw from Iowa State and say "derp, dare's bad gaiz on boff sides" and you strong arm kids into not saying anything on social media.

This would never happen in IC.

Barta dropped this faster than his morning deuce and apparently with half the effort.

If he’s gonna be a chickenshit, or if he has ulterior motives (which I suspect he has), he at least ought to have the courtesy to meet with the band and the director to get their stories and then explain why he is such a gutless wonder.

I continue to believe this really belongs with the two presidents, the Ames PD and the Story County Attorney.

And I refuse to believe there aren’t at least 20 cell phone videos of what happened out there.
Ok, so if I’m reading this correctly, if Barta put out a statement saying he will demand tighter security you’d be good to go? All this furor over something like that?

You’re sort of admitting that, while you’re super pissed, there isn’t really anything concrete that the Iowa AD’s office can do other than encourage people to go to the police?
I would have liked that limp-wristed waste of breath to say he and his arrested development counterpart to the west had been in touch with the Ames PD and Story County attorney to investigate.
A triggered, mob mentality-driven, self-made victim who's seen too many SJW success stories on his social media timelines and will wish when he's 30 that he didn't have the brain and (lack of) impulse control of a 20 year old when he made that post. What's to see here, folks?

An entire flock of band nerds, every single one with a cell phone surrounded by 60,000 people with cell phones and 4 cops who probably had body cams, god knows how many security cameras, and enough $50,000 720p network television cameras to broadcast a major football game, and no one saw or recorded anything? Get the F outta here Corey, and take your imaginary broken rib friend who apparently shall remain nameless with you.

You ever seen those trumpet tooters during a game? Every single one of em is glued to their phones the entire time doing their best impersonation of an instagram influencer. And you're going to tell me the whole group of 'em endured beer bombardment, assaults, shoves, slaps, and broken bones for an entire game and no one posted video of it to there twitter accounts?

I'm against people getting beat up, but only when it happens in real life.

Ol' Corey Knopp shouldn't be taking life lessons from Jussie Smollett.

Overreacting with a cringey, crowd-frenzied, teenagey, fight the powa, "Hell no, we won't go" idealism is nothing new to kids your age, Cor-Dawg. But it rarely ends well when you blast it out there for everyone to see. You're gonna learn this lesson the tough way, kid.

OMG, hell hath frozen solid. I 100% agree with you.
Probably just rubbed some shoe polish on his arm for the TV interview. Amirite @Fryowa ?
And you want the athletic department to do what exactly? Maybe we could drop a nuclear weapon on the entire city of Ames because that would stand a good chance of bringing the person who threw a beer to justice.

I’m sure you have a sure fire plan to catch this perp, Amirite @tweeterhawk ?
Parents of ba have a

What is wrong with YOU? Seriously have your ever been diagnosed? I chuckle at your schtick at times but you are way out of line here. Attacking a student? Band members in general?

And you are a baseball umpire? An arbitor of objectivity? Lol. Sad. Really sad.

I never say this, but in this case, Fryowa is spot-on.

Now go back to your Facebook Watch party and let the kids on 90210 get back to work.
Did he go to the police, @tweeterhawk ?

Or was the UI Athletic Department SWAT team supposed to have headshotted the guy who did it from the helicopter they were obviously flying over Trice to prevent these sorts of things?

Tweeter, you’re not doing any better than the other ragers in this thread. Tell us exactly what you want the U to do other than what’s in the band email Rob linked.
We see this all the time when controversy gets in the way of a university's interests. Specifically their sports programs. Coaches, AD's, Presidents, Administrator's, Regents on and on. Mich St, Penn St, Baylor, UNC... And yes Iowa. They really don't want to investigate improprieties. They just want it to go away.

I am as big a Hawkeye fan as anyone but I refuse to be a stupid homer at all costs.

Pierre Pierce investigation? Everson and Satterfield? (Where records are still sealed at the Johnson County Courthouse and trust me it is not to protect the victim). Sexual favors for tickets? Rhabdo?

UI administrators telling affected kids to watch their social media posts? Is this hard to believe?

I remind you what a family member of an afflicted rhabdo player related to me. The first contact from KF was to tell this player to stay off social media. Not "How are You?" " What can we do for You?" They lost all respect for KF after that. And no HawkeyeBob I am not going to reveal their names. Why? Because they don't want it revealed. Why? Probably because the relationship between athlete and coach is not much different than that in the military. Who has all the power? Who feels powerless?

I don't care if you believe me. KF actions and Barry's speak volumes. Their cowardly asses should have been in those chairs at the press conference. Instead we get a player's father, a doctor who was treating zero of the afflicted players, and the director of football operations. Remember his name? Of course not. Read the sanitized report. Even that goes on about how enraged some of the parents were. They learned of their hospitalized sons via the media.

Sure. Trash this kid all you want. I have no reason NOT to believe him, but I have a lot of good reasons not to trust any university coach or administrator. Their track records are littered everywhere. Even here.

You're so full of shit it's scary. Scarier still? You believe the shit you post.

Barta has really dropped the ball on this and I give him a huge fat "F." I'm glad these band members are coming forward and telling their stories. Bye the way, where is Iowa's President in all of this?!?!? He needs to step up to the plate and address this situation.
I'm hoping the media will go after this since the athletic administration and the president's office doesn't seem interested.