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You are clearly naive in the ways of how the world operates at so many levels on this Pwoud.
Blanket statement not addressing directly how I am naive. Please explain it to me like I'm five. Why can't an adult contact authorities? It's ok that they tell the university but what power does the university have? Zero. If they were my family I contact authorities. I can't expect the university to provide a security guard for each student. In the end, protecting those students at away game might not be possible if a motivated group of opposing drunk fans are involved. If I'm the university I would make the determination that the only true way to protect the students is to leave them at home for away games. If students and parents get the university involved, the only thing the university can do is decide to add enough staff to away trips (taxpayer money) to properly protect them or to not allow them to go to away games. Otherwise, have students sign a waiver saying away trips are voluntary and the university is not responsible for your direct safety above and beyond working with event security and providing an adequate level of supervision (again, for grown adults). We have 18 year olds serving in the military. You have 18 year old homeless people. You have 18 year olds working menial labor jobs struggling to survive in the real world. Yes, look out for them but this is a law enforcement matter now, not a university issue. Dont blame the university. The university cant compell or force or punish ISU, event staff or law enforcement. They can choose to make adjustments to policy and or decide not to send the band to away games. None of that solves the present issue of assaulted students looking for justice. We have a branch of Government that handles that matter. The university should not be the focus of this as far as exacting justice.

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