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  1. HNMitchSmith

    Has there ever been a better time to be an Iowa fan?

    Iowa football finished the season #9 in the country, Hawkeye hoops are currently #9 in the AP poll, and Tom Brands' grapplers are #2 in the nation. Has there ever been a better time to be a fan of the Black & Gold? I tackled that in my new column...
  2. JonDMiller

    Hawkeyes Cruise Against Northwestern

    Hawkeyes Cruise Against Northwestern The Hawkeyes have officially entered the 'less insane' portion of their schedule and went out and beat Northwestern 71-57 in front of over 15,000 home fans. It was a bit of a homecoming for Iowa, after back to back heartbreaking losses at Minnesota and...
  3. A

    Iowa vs. Iowa State Game Unenjoyable for Many Hawkeye Fans

    Iowa vs. Iowa State: Rivalry Game Dreaded by Some Hawkeye Fans : Big 10 Football From article: I think it’s mainly because I can’t ever remember thinking that Iowa was truly outmatched against against Iowa State. Even in down years, Iowa has a very good chance of winning. So with that comes...
  4. UIClassof13

    Questions from a new Hawkeye

    Hey, I will be enrolling at U of I in January for undergrad. Having just started paying close attention to Hawkeye sports last month when I decided to go to U of I, I was just wondering how long the strong opposition to Kirk Ferentz has been present among this fan base. Having grown up in Big...
  5. H

    CyHawkThoughts: Week 2

    Steve & Chuck assess week 1 and give their predictions for week 2. Part 1 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 1) » Caffeinated Thoughts Part 2 CyHawkThoughts: Week 2 (Part 2) » Caffeinated Thoughts
  6. H

    Poorman's Version of Deace and Miller

    There is a part 2 as well. CyHawkThoughts – Week 1 (Part 1) » Caffeinated Thoughts
  7. JonDMiller

    Miller & Deace: Which B1G Teams Benefit from OSU Scandal?

    With likely sanctions on the horizon, Ohio State may take a step or two back from where they have been on the football field. Who would most benefit from this? We talk about that, including possible impact for Iowa:
  8. H

    Darrell Wilson named Top 25 recruiter in the nation

    The Hawkeyes linebackers and special teams coach recruited seven of the 24 players who signed on to wear to the Black and Gold in 2011 and beyond. His hard work didn't go unnoticed. Iowa Football Assistant Named Top Recruiter | Iowa Hawkeyes
  9. I0WA

    What is Iowa's all time record against Missouri?

    My friend is a d bag and constantly talks about Mizzou and how much better program they are than the hawks. Please give me Iowa's all time record in Football, Basketball, and/or wrestling against the tigers. Links would be appreciated. Thanks:D
  10. I0WA

    We never left the F*cking Bus. Get it together. Soon.

    I am disapointed and furious by how Iowa played tonite. A Pick 6, KO returned for a TD. Blocked Punt at goal line. 4 Straight Sacks! Really? The run game was GONE by the 1st quarter AROB and Hampton couldn't even breathe because of the pressure they got. The O linecouldn't handle the blitz at...
  11. I0WA

    Iowa vs Arizona 2009 Highlights (video)

    YouTube - Iowa Hawkeyes vs Arizona Highlights Man, watch that spin move by AROB. Go Hawks!!
  12. I0WA

    Best Ricky Stanzi Highlight Video Ever

    Love it or leave it, USA Number 1 YouTube -
  13. R

    Interesting Pictures From Last Saturday

    Check out these pictures. Tailgating experiences of last weekend.
  14. R

    Rethinking Tailgating?

    University changed tailgating policies but did they rush things?