What Happen To Blimps?

I was doing my morning routine this morning and this question obscurely came to my mind. What ever happen to blimps? In the 1970's and 1980's, blimps were a mainstay at big sporting events, and often time huge college games. The GoodYear Blimp was an icon and was quite the deal if it showed up at a game your team was playing in, often the ABC afternoon game. They always covered Monday Night Football. What the hell happen to them and when was the last time a blimp covered a game?

I kind of miss them and they kind of disappeared into obscurity very quietly. Does anybody remember the last blimp flight or game?
I think she became a contributor on Fox
In the 1980's and 90's, FAA regulations probibited blimps over Kinnick because of its proximity to Iowa City's airport.

Not sure if this is still true.
I think that went out when they closed runway 00. That is the old runway that runs due North and South. Put a lot of traffic over the healthcare complex.
Drone age! Better chance to hit your target than lobbing hand grenades out of blimps! Just ask the Germans. I do agree, miss the ole Good year blimp!
You'll see plenty of blimps around Lincoln on Friday


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