Wake up, little Carver, wake up, it is the official Indiana vs Iowa game thread

Totally see what you're saying. However I'd like those two bros playing together as much as possible. They play great together know where each other are all the time. They just have a feel for having played with each other for a lifetime already. Can't hardly quantify it but it's a real thing. I'd replace PM with Kris in a heartbeat myself. Bring PM off the bench to be the same spark he was last yr. But yeah having 1 Murray on the floor all the time would be an ideal thing I would say and 2 is even better
I would think both Murrays could start and there could also always be a Murray on the floor. Keegan doesn't sit a lot anyway unless in foul trouble. Kris could come out earlier than Keegs for PMac and then come back in when Keegs needs a breather. It shouldn't be that difficult for them both to start and have at least one on the floor at all times.
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Now why in the world would i give a F about someone i despise . Idiot. Go lick his ass

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