Ukraine War Update

Hawk Gold - Thanks for your commentary and especially the last one. I am following the war closely and do not see anything about your take that concerns me. My view of this is that we are mostly expending material that we would likely never use. The Russians (whom I have visited) have been responsible for a lot of wasted money on our part and the world would be better off if they are put down for awhile. This may end up saving us money in the long run.
Wow. I can't imagine. How are the people and a country even able to function. It seems the destruction and impact happens at a much faster pace than they can rebuild the necessities. The whole supply chain and people not working. How can they all survive?
This is the city where the Russians just lost a whole battalion-level unit. Only 4 or so Russian soldiers survived. This is near Donetsk. The city is Ardiivka. The US advised the Ukrainians to abandon both Ardiivka and Bakhmut and the Russian losses there are like Ali doing rope a dope.

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