Pat Angerer Named New Color Analyst for Hawkeye Football.

I don't dislike Dolph, but to me, Zabel was king. Always will be.

thank you
I don't dislike Dolph, but to me, Zabel was king. Always will be.

I wish there was a way to stream all the old radio broad casts going back through Fry era. I'd put on my headphones and listen as I go to sleep at night.
It was hard to keep us down on the farm after they'd seen Des Moines 50 years ago. Hard to keep 'em down on the farm now the internet has opened the entire world to 'em.
See my post above.

I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but you can stick the idea of Dolph needing to retire firmly in your rectal area.


You may be 107 years old so I'll give you a pass, but you had your Jim Zabel. And Dolph...good announcer or our generation's Jim Zabel. Let us enjoy ours and stop telling us to get off your lawn.
Dude, I was pretty sad about Ed. The idea of not hearing Dolph call Ed Poddie... it makes me feel some things. Losing Dolph is going to be like losing a grandfather.
I’m also sad to see Podolak leave us. I love him and think he’s awesome. Can hear age and weariness in his voice now but I don’t care. Another stick it up your heinie for those pushing to drop Dolph too. Pat will do well, have heard him before. Another with black and gold running in his veins, the best kind.