Pat Angerer Named New Color Analyst for Hawkeye Football.

Well I will try not to get behind you in any lines, especially the bathroom line. ;)

Congratulations to Pat.
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They had a lot of great candidates. I'm not sure they coulda went wrong really. Pat's gonna be freaking awesome. We've had an offensive guy forever and now we get a defensive guys perspective and I really look forward to that.
A change from an offensive mind to a defensive one. Will be interesting.

Wonder who else interviewed for the position.
Mitch King is another I know had he'd said as much of having a 2nd interview with Dolph. He did that on the WUWs podcast maybe a month ago or so.
There, after 20 yrs I finally beat everyone and Rob to the punch.

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Pat, Mitch, James Vandenberg and Nate Kaeding were the final four.
Thanks for posting this article.

That last paragraph damn near got me tearing up. You can just feel the passion and love that man has for the university. I don't think they coulda went wrong with picking any of those guys but they sure did make the right one.

I spent such a huge chunk of my childhood listening to the radio and Iowa games. It was such a different time then. How many kids now listen to any radio at all? Would know the difference between AM/FM? I'd listen to radio in my room doing homework, in the barn working with our livestock, in the tractors and of course our truck. I bet the ratio of radio to tv time I watched was 25 to 1 maybe more. We only had 4 channels and occasionally on Friday nights Dad would take us to rent a movie on good ole VHS...

1040 and 570 am were on almost 24/7 in our house. Listened to a lot of Cubs and Twins games on the radio too but Hawks have always been # 1 for me.
Mitch and Kaeding could probably stream a running commentary on YouTube Live and get more listeners than Dolph and Pat. Of course if Miller and Howe did one it would probably crash the internet, but that is just a pipedream.
Mitch is absolutely great. I haven't heard Kaeding talk much to be honest. Dolph I find very difficult to listen to nowadays. He gets so many things just wrong it's tough to tolerate. Be it the players names involved or whatevers going on. I love Dolph the ambassador he's such a historian and overall nice guy that it's tough to dislike him. But as far as calling games goes he is certainly tough for me to listen to.

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