Congrats KC! Sorry I couldn't stay awake for 12 innings. Went to bed at 9:30 when it was 7-3. Imagine my surprise........
These games have been fun. I've always been a game story and box score guy, dating back to being a kid and following George Brett in the late 70's...watched a lot of Cubs and cheered for them too, as they were always on TV in the summer on WGN and the Royals were not...I've watched the last three KC games start to finish, something I have not done since probably the Sosa-Mac HR chase in 1998.

The pitching and defense KC has thrown out there is emblematic of what they have done much of this year, but even more intensified. The irony of Moose and Hosmer having the game winning hits in back to back nights is one thing, but to do it with the long ball adds to it. I felt like Tate to Holloway when KC beat Oakland the other night and if KC can close this out at home over the next two games, what a great payoff for long suffering KC fans. If the tix weren't so crazy expensive, I'd drive up on Sunday.
TV execs are on their knees praying. *please God, no Royals- Cards World Series, Amen.*

I however would love it!
Baumgartner with the "W"....and MVP.....3 innings to go....not sure KC has the answer....I can't imagine he'll be in the rest of the game, but this has to be the inning they touch him....Helluva a series....fun to watch....

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