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Lets go KC lets get Oakland this afternoon get on a roll and head home for the opener which Ill be flying in for tomorrow afternoon.
I have watched two of the five Royals games. They are 3-2. The two games I watched, they lost.
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I really hoped that last season was Gordon turning the corner, and that he would be the player he was drafted to be. Instead I get 0/13 at the plate. At least Hosmer has been impressive thus far.
LOL. 'Math story problems that don't add up"

I too have watched the royals twice and not only did they loose, they didn't score any runs. However, the pitching early on has been lights out. I like the chances of this team finishing in the top 3 of this division. A lot of good talent there.
Unfreaking real. Two run homer by A's, 3-2 Oakland. So I at least got 1 minute of watching Royals lead a game
Gordon will get it going. He's a pretty streaky hitter honestly and he even was last year.

I got the sports pack again through DirecTV so I could watch the Royals on FSNKC.

I'm still not sold on the pitching at all (pitching often looks good early only to completely tank in the summer heat) but I do like the lineup. I hated the Melky trade because he had such a good year last year but I did like what I saw on Sanchez. I don't know how I feel about Cain. Not great so far. I am going to like it when they get off the coast and their games don't last so dang late.
About time somebody started this thread!
Saw Hosmer play last season in person and came away very impressed. Also impressed with Alcides Escobar. Getting tired of waiting for Gordon to "get it going."
Well my "I root for the Royals cause no one else does" arguement is invalid. :D

I'm a Braves fan first, then I root for the Royals, but great to see the Royals actually doing alright.
Oops! Broxton just beaned back to back batters (on back to back pitches I think) to force in the losing run.
An unbelievable way to loose a game. The A's scored two runs on no hits in the bottom of the 12th. An error, two walks and two hit batters. Should be 4-2 coming home for their home opener. But 3-3 on a road trip to start the season is not all bad.
Broxton is a joke. They better get Holland or Crow in the closer role now that Soria is out.
Listened to the Royals pregame radio show for first time in close to a decade..and Royals, who had 4th best ERA in majors before today's game, give up 7 earned in the first.

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