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The Eagles are my reboot band. AM radio played them to death during my younger days. Turned me off.

The "Hell Freezes Over" DVD changed my opinion completely.


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Wayne Shorter passed

He played with Miles Davis on some of his best albums

And, of course, Weather Report

Still play his Moto Grosso Feio, album


Not for everyone



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If I had to name my favorite all-time band, they would be it.
I have every single thing they've ever produced on CDs.

I've seen them twice...first time in 1995 in Munich Germany at the Rudi Sedlmayer Halle, (they opened for Foreigner) and a few years later at the Chicago Ravinia Theater.

This particular song, written by Tom Johnston, ranks right up there as my favorite.

1973's The Captain and Me is by far my favorite Doobs album.
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I was a trumpet player. Loved this one:


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