Let's talk about.....BEER!


One thing on this, and it’s in no way targeted at you personally. But, I hear a lot of people claiming how the US is the ‘greatest country in the world’, and when you ask how many countries they‘ve been to the answer is ‘well, I’ve been to Cabo’. I think seeing how other people live give a bit of perspective. Not to mention some great food and beverages.
It's not from a place of me feeling like there's nothing else out there worth seeing, it's just indifference. I don't have whatever gene it is that makes people want to travel around the globe.

I do also think that one can have admiration for their country without being a nationalist who tends to write other cultures off. There's a lot wrong with America but there's also a lot of good as long as you can avoid news, religion, and politics, which I'm very good at. Our National Park system is second to none and I've heard a whole lot of people visiting from outside the US comment on that when they come here. And as far as culture there isn't one that comes close to being as varied, for better or worse, than here. The US has such differing regions in such a big land area that it's almost like we have 100 different countries in one.

I think sometimes people don't consider that as much as they should, and they miss out on a lot of what's right in their backyard. I know a few people who've never been outside the 3 state area of IA/MN/SD. I work with a guy who was born and raised in O'Brien county...he's late 50s in age and the farthest he's ever been from home is the state basketball tournament in Des Moines. Never flown, never went anywhere farther than that on vacation, no desire to.

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I hated traveling at my old job because it was always "We're gonna lock everyone in a conference room for 12 hours and then you have to go crank monkey documents in your hotel room on a small laptop and shitty wi-fi for 8 hours." Worst trip was one to NYC during my birthday. The Omni upgraded me to some ridiculous suite and I got to spend all of 5 hours there over the course of 3 days and then ate an Auntie Ann's pretzel in the American Airlines terminal at La Guardia for my birthday dinner. Fuck travel.
And you probably had to shell out ten bucks for the pretzel as well.


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Have any of you fellas ever had Busch Ice? It's really popular down here but I'm leery to buy it because it costs more than Busch Light or regular Busch and they don't sell it by the case.

Ice beer is a liquid headache. Awe nevermind.