Hawkeyes - Cornhuskers B1G Championship Game Thread

That was a helluva game- 3 missed foul shots at the end did nothing to settle my spiking blood pressure, but talk about pulling it out in the end.............helluva job Ladies!
Drake Bulldogs Rule

Of course the game isn't over

Gonna swallow a bottle of heart attack pills to get ready for the Illinois game
Watching the replay, some times there's tackling and elbows with no calls and other times almost no contact and quick whistles. Both teams quite frustrated.

The Athlete thinks that the Hawks have a One Seed wrapped up

Says that the committee wants to give them a favorable region with larger arenas like:


Only problem is Stanford

Most of the projections had Ohio State a number one seed

That has probably changed
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Now that USC beat Stanford I think Iowa and usc will be the overall 2 and 3 seed. That will get a Clark/Watkins matchup. Today Watkins had 9 points and 1 assist fwiw.

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