Food Thread


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We need one of these to exchange ideas and to brag.

I don't remember who it was that made Mississippi Pot Roast last weekend but it got me curious and I found this recipe for my crock pot online. OMG, it was AMAZING....the juice that comes off the meat makes a very tasty gravy that went well with the potatoes I cooked with it.

This was the recipe I used:


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Made this a couple of weeks ago.......damn good. Yes, I'm a Pinterest junkie


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Will not do this recipe again, way to salty for my taste.

Oh, yeah I should have warned you. I made that thing a few years ago but cut the packets in half and still found it a touch on the salty side. It was okay but I can't imagine how salty it would be if you used the actual recipe.


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Added carrots and potatoes to it and threw the carrots out. They tasted like biting into a salt block. Good thing I have bp pills!