Cincinatti vs Iowa prediction thread

And the winner is...

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  • Iowa

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Luka Garza is attempting to will this team to win. Dude is such a complete player. He does everything.


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Stupid, but consistent post. You are a waste.

If you're not smart enough to actually understand what you're watching with more depth than what the big numbers on the scoreboard say, then I can't understand why you'd actually write on a message board. Just feel the need to mash your palms on a keyboard every so often?


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He honestly has more business being on the court than JT. I love the potential of JT but he really isn’t ready for this stage, JT is good but it’s to soon.l
He hasn't played. Every time he's made the tiniest mistake, Fran hooks him. I'm sure this won't give him a complex for the next month or anything.

Northside Hawk

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We did blow this game. Even if we win it.

B1G teams are going to look at this and harass us mercilessly

Were already missing JBo in crunch time and at the line late in games

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