#6 Hawkeyes - Gophers Game Thread

They must not have watched the blueprint Indiana layed out on how to beat the hawks. AKA, pray they miss.
Gophers only lost by 48 points

And it wasn't that close.

22 threes... I mean open or not you still gotta make them and that's wild. New team/BIG record. Clark 'only' made 8 of them lots of others got in on the fun too. If that was the only thing that happened last night that'd be a big deal but with Clark she just keeps on keeping on.

You could tell Bluder in the post game had been itching to say what she did about Clark passing Woodard. That was right in her wheel house and time period. I bet their playing careers overlapped. I doubt they played against each other or Bluder may have mentioned it but I'm sure she knew all about who she is. I love when Bluder gets on her soap box. She's all about what's right is right. And the NCAA often has a tough time doing what's right
Texas lost last night. Va Tech and Standord both play road games against ranked teams tonight. If they both lose and we win Sunday, we will probably be ranked 3rd next week. Win the big 10 tourney and we will move to number 2 and almost certainly get the #2 overall seed.

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