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    Fran McCaffery Excited By '21-22 Roster's Potential

    I can't wait to see the growth the young players make during the off season. This is going to be a fun team to watch and easy to get behind. Style of play will be night and day difference imo.
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    Mailman delivers for Bobby Hansen

    Cool! I think Bobby earned a lot of players respect. Magic said he was the toughest defender he played against.
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    A positive spin on CJF Transfer

    While this may be a repeat of things already said, a healthy CJ playing well and hitting daggers was fun and a nice asset to the team, but what percent of the games did that actually occur? Unfortunately he was a shell of himself the last half of the season and unable to contribute a whole...
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    Austin Ash

    This is spot on. This roster is good to go, unless a real stud falls into Fran's lap, leave it as is with the possibility of a JW return and roll with it. Ash cast his worm into the portal pond hoping to get a bite from almost anywhere I'm guessing where he would play a big role in his final...
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    Jordan Bohannon Returning for Sixth Season at Iowa

    You are gonna have to find 15 minutes at least for Murray 2 somehow! He is going to be a player. The other guy that I predict will be hard to keep off the floor is Perkins. He reminds me some of Roy Marble, solid build, great hops, attack mode always on and fearless. Going to be an exciting...
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    Jordan Bohannon Returning for Sixth Season at Iowa

    The more it sinks in the better news this is. As others have stated he fills a desperate need on this team as a proven 3 point threat and we weren't going to find a better one in the portal. You don't turn down a 25 year old with his credentials for crying out loud. Experience makes up for a...
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    CJ Fredrick

    Just wondering what the players in the portal that don't find any teams interested in them plan to do? Only so many roster spots out there and new HS recruits are coming in. Some may very well be walking away from a scholarship. That would almost be a fitting ending to the circus.
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    Riley Mulvey Signs with Iowa Basketball

    If the kid can play some D, block a few shots, grab some boards and get out and run the floor he will be an asset starting next season. The success of this team is going to be built on a greyhound style pace attacking the basket before the other team knows what hit em. (Plus WAY BETTER D) But...
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    Filip Rebraca Decision Coming Soon, Iowa Basketball Well-Positioned

    Thought I heard they are already being called the GREAT EIGHT!
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    CJ Fredrick

    I guess we'll be seeing ya then! Or, maybe not...
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    Next year as of now

    I got any amount of money says 21-22 Iowa! That lineup has talent and is going to compete hard. I see some fast-breaking sobs that are gonna be fun to watch and surprise some teams. Gonna take some lumps (for one season), but not about to throw in the towel on these guys. They have a bright...
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    Next year as of now

    NO Is that also what got the other FIFTHEEN HUNDRED or whatever players to leave their teams? Nunge gets a get out of town free pass, so we lose ONE player that came out of nowhere, and since he was a STARTER, it's pretty safe to say PT wasn't the reason he left. He went home to a greener...
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    CJ Fredrick Expected to Enter Transfer Portal

    This REALLY sucks the optimism out of next season. My guess is a combination of things brought this about. He had to be frustrated as crap and probably depressed being injured again. Then his buddy Nunge leaves. He loses a friend and a major piece of next year's success puzzle. Some...
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    What Player Steps Up?

    Of the basic unknowns who is going to be the pleasant "surprise" next year and really make a difference on the team? I didn't include Perkins or Ullis because we saw enough of them to know they got the goods. For me I am pretty confident Murray 2 has got em as well so it won't be a surprise to...
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    Grab your Cups

    Crap I remember thinking last time we played em "this is the last time we have to see this prick"