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    Congrats to ISU

    Lackluster in his worst year at Iowa won 5X as many games as the clowns this year.
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    Visconsin Vadgers (Changing This Into a Game Thread). It Fits.

    Fucking Davison trying to get a hook under Garza’s leg while it was in the air. How has no one beat his punk ass yet?
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    The official night before the game, play your bench, guard the 3 point line, make your free-throws, Hoosier Daddy game thread

    Minus Garza this is a .500 ball club. This is a bad Indiana team who played terrible basketball for 18 mins. Pathetic .
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    Purdue observations

    it’s the mixing it up on the boards, always in the right spot and never forcing things. He’s got a nice stroke and knocks it down at a good clip when it’s there, but he is definitely a team first guy and I love it. Serious potential there.
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    ***Official Hawks Are Gonna Be #1 In The Country In 5 Hours Game Thread***

    Yep. We had the ball twice down 10 late and Garza got zero touches on both possessions. Jordan tossed up some fadeaway 3 after he hadn’t made shit all day and we didn’t score on the other possession either.
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    ***Official Kirk Ferentz Gives Champaign, IL The Clap Game Thread***

    Goodson goes down too easily with 1arm leg tackles.
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    The Happy Thanksgiving and beat Nebraska game thread:

    The competition better be open at QB. This is inexcusably bad. Not only how inaccurate and poorly timed the throws are, but overall decision making.
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    The Happy Thanksgiving and beat Nebraska game thread:

    Iowa’s D is so bad it’s actually making Martinez look like a good QB.
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    Ezra Miller in Transfer Portal

    Watch him end up in Lames
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    Top Tackle Target Beau Stephens Enjoying Tight Bond with Iowa

    Really sucks about Miller too bc by all accounts he was a monster
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    ***Official Hawks Stomp The Ill-Lye-Nye For A Double Bye Game Thread***

    Problem is Joe has no left hand, and very average handles. Teams know this. It’s why a Joe is getting beat to his spot; forced into picking up the ball after a few dribbles or worse yet turning the ball over. Happened multiple times in the OSU game. Made him look silly and very one-dimensional.
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    ***Official Hawks Stomp The Ill-Lye-Nye For A Double Bye Game Thread***

    In CJ’s defense no way is he near 100%. He can’t cut like he used to or put the ball on the floor and attack the basket. Throw in Joe completely disappearing the last month and it’s unfair to expect CJ to produce at the level he was prior to his 1st injury.
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    Wieskamp needs a Bohannon blood transfusion

    Or followed his f’n shot?!?!? When you haven’t shot worth a shit for a month now don’t you think you’d start following your shot??? Nope not Joe. Hold the release and fade backwards.
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    Shooting slumps of marksmen and players under Fran

    This is my take as well(CJ missing). Though it’s beyond fathomable how he only puts up 4pts in around 30min when you’re playing aside the flippin’ POY who is often getting triple, and even quadruple, teamed and still putting up 20+ every single night. Not only that but he was lost all over on...