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    Tyrone Tracy Out

    Agree, I think Bruce and Johnson are pretty damn good and it was hard to keep them off the field
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    Iowa is a punchline

    As soon as the halfback pass to Pottebaum was incomplete I knew we were going to be in trouble. We had to call and execute lights out. We needed that early touchdown to make Michigan sweat. Didn't happen.
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    Tyrone Tracy Out

    I was really high on him coming into this season, wish I was right. One of the better receiving recruits we had following ISM and Brandon Smith. I really wish it would have worked out and really surprised it didnt. Wish him the best of luck, sounds like a great kid.
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    Tyrone Tracy Out

    Damn those kids are really pasty!
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    Championship Game Roll Call

    I think I saw you on TV a few years ago!
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    Michigan vs. Iowa by the numbers

    All of the pressure is on Michigan tomorrow, all of it.
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    Gavin Williams really accelerates straight ahead into the holes

    I can add to this thread - not football related though. I hate CNN but this was playing in the background the other day and I heard it. Happens about 10s in: Juvenile name
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    Damn wish I would have finished watching that. Think they were down by 11 or so when I turned it on, just assumed OSU lost
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    What was the 'adversity' the hawks played through in the 2nd half last nite per the announcers?

    Not to mention the over the back-no call at the end of the game, you know they werent going to call that if the shot went in..
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    Riley Moss, Charlie Jones Highlight Hawkeyes' All-B1G Day 1 Honorees

    Hahah is this true? Campbell really did derail their season though :)
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    IA/Virginia game thread

    They put their one on JBo though, little fucker was grabbing and holding off of every screen just like they do in the B10
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    Alternate unis for Indy?

    Best alt unis we've had, but no - standard for this game!
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    How good is Iowa?

    I will never turn down the opportunity to watch an additional Iowa game. in 2017 OSU opened as 17 point favorites, we all know how that turned out. I'd say this year they appear to be much better but as others have said, that's why you play the game/any given Saturday yadda yadda